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Do what inspires. Insane creativity knows no bounds. While artistry might begin with simple elements and concepts, some artists transcend their fields and create something wholly “other.” This is true across all visually creative mediums: fine art, photography, architecture, digital design and more.

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Latest Inspirations

All artists need inspiration. These artists show how elements combine serendipitously to create insane works of art in a variety of fields.

Ghosts of Dettifoss Ghosts of Dettifoss | Brian Rueb
February 28, 2013

Insivity Exile text Children of Peace | Jeremy Cowart
January 29, 2013

LaMontagne-Moneypenny Complacency | Patrick LaMontagne
January 25, 2013

Latest Tips

Tools are only as powerful as your knowledge of them. Discover how artists get the most from the technology available and the stories behind their images.

Photography Techniques - Painting Color Into B&W in Lightroom Painting Color Into B&W in Lightroom
January 10, 2013

Photography Techniques - Complicated Blend with Varina Patel Complicated Blend | Varina Patel
January 10, 2013

Photography Techniques - Targeted Adjustments in Photoshop with Jay Patel Targeted Adjustments in Photoshop | Jay Patel
January 8, 2013